The Bridge Peace Project is a community-led dialogue on peace, justice, and intercultural relations. 


The core objective of this initiative by The Centre for Equality and Equity is to facilitate peaceful cooperation, exchanges and understanding - especially for youth in Nigerian local communities - using the vehicles of tolerance, cultural orientation, sport, and the arts. This project specially seeks to promote the inclusion of women and young girls in communities, especially in low-income communities who will receive language learning and peace-building tools.


Many sections of Nigerian communities are gradually returning to fragility as was the case before the last major civil war in the late 1960's-70's. There is a need to foster a broad network of young people in the 36 states in Nigeria who will serve as peace ambassadors by leveraging on the strengths/positives of their diverse cultures, values, and beliefs. It is our bold attempt to encourage young people of different cultures and faiths speaking as one to local and national audiences - for tolerance and mutual cooperation in a nation of nearly 200 million citizens.

Our partners include local, corporate, faith, security and global organisations.


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Ajibola Oyelade (m) - Founder/National Coordinator

MaryQueen Anyanwu (f) - Trustee

Kenneth Ilevba (m) - Operations

Izedonmi Efe (m) - Community engagement

Chinyeaka Ugoh (f) - Manager, Education & Skills

Dayo Peter (f) - Advisor 

Ayoola Comfort Oluwafunmike (f) - Advisor

Saakon Wisdom (m) - Co-ordinator, Abuja & North-central Nigeria

Ugo Uyanna (m) - Senior Advisor, Abuja & North-central Nigeria


The Bridge Peace Project is an initiative developed by The Centre for Equality and Equity to promote an inclusive context on cultural exchanges, openness, tolerance, and peacebuilding through languages, sport and and the arts.

The Bridge Peace Project also hosts a dialogue-series for young Nigerians of different backgrounds and cultures to promote mutual understanding and eliminate bias.


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E: info@ceqeq.org

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